Discover a Distinct Look of Luxury in the Toyota Avalon

What sets the Toyota Avalon apart from other sedans is the distinctive interior look. These features work together to create a sedan that looks and feels like top-of-the-line luxury, and it’s worth a second to check it out.

The floating center stack sets this car apart from others. Most sedans feature the same standard interior features, but this center stack is the epitome of classic luxury. Incorporating the 9-inch touchscreen panel into the floating stack adds class and elegance to this sedan you won’t find in another.

The Toyota Avalon was manufactured to set itself apart from the rest of the class, and it does just that. Try one for yourself at Fort's Toyota of Pekin to see for yourself how this sedan sets itself apart from the crowd. If you’re not sure it’s for you, you will be when you take it for a spin.



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