Explore the Safety Sense P Technology in the Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is a mid-size SUV that offers best-in-class features in active safety. Some of the vehicle's top accident-avoidance amenities are integrated into the Toyota Safety Sense P package.

When the speedometer exceeds 32 MPH, the Lane Departure Alert is ready to issue warnings in situations that might lead to side collisions. Fort's Toyota of Pekin will tell you that the Steering Assist is designed to steer the wheels away from a hazard in an adjacent lane. This feature usually comes on if the car drifts or swerves away from a straight path. Featuring smart sensors that scan the road for pedestrians, the Pre-Collision technology includes automatic braking. Supplemental braking force might be generated by the Brake Assist function.

The Highlander TSS-P suite also includes the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Installed into the front grille, radar sensors deliver real-time data to this intelligent cruise control system. You'll get alerts in the dashboard if the DRCC detects hazards from traffic flow ahead.



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