Safety is Priority One with the Toyota Prius

When customers ask us at Fort's Toyota of Pekin why the Toyota Prius remains popular with motorists, we always mention the outstanding safety features on the hybrid. Indeed, motorists throughout our region commend the Toyota Prius safety features with regularity. They represent a prime reason people select the Toyota Prius.

The new Prius safety features include lane departure alert with steering assist. The Prius lane departure alert with steering assist utilized the latest technology. This includes an alert system that utilizes both an audio and a visual warning.

Another of the outstanding Toyota Prius safety features is full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control. Not only does this top-of-the-line cruise control system provide efficient and consistent speed on highways it also incorporates a radar alert system. The system provided an audio and visual alert to prevent the Prius from getting too close to surrounding vehicles when cruise control is engaged.



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