The Toyota Camry Pre-Collision System

The new Toyota Camry is designed to help you stay alert and safe on the road. This popular midsize sedan is available with an advanced Pre-Collision system. It's advanced enough to detect potential hazards in the road ahead, including pedestrians. We here at Fort's Toyota of Pekin are excited to show you how it works.

When you're driving, cameras and sensors on the Camry keep an eye on your surroundings. They'll continually monitor the road. If it senses that a potential collision is imminent, the Camry will provide you with audible and visual alerts. These alerts are designed to capture attention so that you can take action and avoid the collision.

The Camry will also take some action depending on your response. It may increase the sensitivity levels of the brakes so that you can get more stopping power. If you don't respond at all, the brakes may even be applied automatically.



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