The Advanced Attributes of the Toyota Camry Hybrid

When speaking of high-tech, mid-size sedans, the Toyota Camry always come up in the conversation. This modern-day machine, the Toyota Camry Hybrid, takes things to another level. This particular sedan is striking in appearance, is high performance and is well-designed for the highway. Let's take a closer look at the vehicle's dynamic exterior features.

The Camry Hybrid sports a low profile that's well-balanced for driving on today's highways. This car sits perfectly on 18-inch alloy wheels. These wheels just so happen to come equipped with all-season tires. Depending on the trim of choice, consumers will have access to multiple grille options that come in bright metallic, gloss-black with mesh inserts or dark gray. There are also color-keyed door handles and color-keyed side mirrors. In addition to that, you'll love the panoramic moonroof with power-tilt function.

Vehicle enthusiasts can get a first-hand experience via test drive so there's no excuse not to get up-close and personal with Toyota's hybrid version of the Camry.



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