Toyota 4Runner looks as good as it rides, which is why it enjoys such popularity in the midsize SUV class. You already know Toyota 4Runner kills it off-road, with oodles of cargo space you can customize to boot, but take another look at its exterior features. Our Toyota sales team selected the following two for your info.

Whether you're cruising through town at night or embarking on outback excursions, Toyota 4Runner's moonroof lets in the light, the fresh air, and the sounds of your surroundings. The moonroof tilts or slides for convenience and has a sunshade to permit incoming light while keeping out blinding glare.

Toyota 4Runner's front grille presents a mixture of classic and new. Its chrome accents are tough and stylish, with thick, billet-style bars over durable mesh. This design combines the best of both worlds, providing front-end collision protection and free ingress of flowing air that keeps engine components cool and functioning optimally. Experience the Toyota 4Runner from behind the wheel with an exciting test drive at our dealership today.



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