With the previous generation of the Supra lost in 1998, Toyota decided to take it up a notch with the latest model for 2020. The new GR Supra offers more performance and matches the same power as the BMW M340i and Z4 M40i. BMW helped Toyota with the tuning of its Supra engine, which is one of the reasons why it’s so powerful. The new twin-turbo engine can deliver 335 horsepower at start, and it gets up to 155 mph for top speed.

You can customize everything in the Toyota Supra to your liking. Whether you want to change the drivetrain to a sportier configuration or you want paddle shifters, there are different ways to make the GR Supra even more track-ready. The eight-speed automatic transmission and fuel efficiency also make it so you can take it to work everyday while still getting 31 mpg on the highway.

Do you want to check out the latest GR Supra? You can head to Fort's Toyota of Pekin for a test drive and feel the performance while cruising around Pekin.


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