The Toyota Highlander Ensures Your Safety

The Highlander remains a favorite among owners who prefer the size, handling and performance of the mid-size SUV. In keeping with modern technology, Toyota also equips the vehicle with a number of safety features.

The Highlander comes standard with the array of Toyota Safety Sense features that work together to prevent potential collisions. The pre-collision system uses radar sensors and a camera to detect possible dangers entering the path of the vehicle. The driver receives an audible and a visual warning to take action. The system is also designed to function day or night.

When driving above speeds of 32 mph, the lane-keeping system becomes active. Should the vehicle veer into another lane without the assist of a turn signal, the driver receives a warning. If the driver does not promptly respond, the vehicle automatically makes a slight steering adjustment to prevent a potential collision. Test the Highlander safety features by taking one of our Fort's Toyota of Pekin Highlanders for a test drive.


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