If you're interested in looking up a recall for a specific Toyota, Lexus, or Scion model to do research on a potential new purchase or to see if your model needs attention, you should be sure to use our open safety recall and service campaign lookup tool. At our Pekin Toyota dealership, our mission is to make sure our customers get the most from their vehicles, and that always means providing them with a safely running and optimally performing Toyota. As a result, we want to make it very clear when a vehicle is not fit for driving, as in the case of a recall.

Toyota Recall Solutions Available at Our Pekin Toyota Service Center

It's important to us that our Pekin customers know whether their Toyota needs a check up as a result of a recent recall on their specific model. It's just as important that they have routine maintenance done on their vehicle to ensure that the model remains as efficient and safe as possible. Being aware of what your car needs to run as safely as possible is being a responsible driver, and that includes paying attention to recent recall announcements by the manufacturer. Since the NHTSA announced that 42 million cars from 19 different car companies are being recalled for the Takata Front Passenger Airbag Inflator or Takata Driver's Airbag Inflator, there's a chance that your vehicle needs a repair. This includes any Toyota, Scion or Lexus manufactured between 2003 and 2013.

If there is a recall on your vehicle, our team of knowledgeable professionals would be happy to address the recall and have you back on the road in a safely running model as soon as possible. To find out if your vehicle has a recall, you can fill out our form on this page. The form will ask you to either find your current vehicle's VIN number, or its year, make, model, and style. The quickest method is to input your VIN number, which you can find on either the driver's side door post (where the door latches when closed) or the driver's side of the dashboard. You can see this by stepping out of the car and looking at the corner of the windshield that meets the dashboard.

For more information on Toyota recalls and service campaigns, contact us at Fort's Toyota of Pekin.